Guess what's in the box?

Public contest in social network VK


In the context of support of promotional activities of Pearl Plaza shopping mall, develop and conduct, on a permanent basis, the contest events keeping up motivation and attraction of the group participants, stimulating its frequent visits.


It is no secret that the majority of any brand community is attracted by unsophisticated prize drawing. The secret of appeal of the contest "What's in the box?" lies in this particular ingenuous promotional action. At a certain frequency, the group wall displays the Pearl Plaza brand box showing the logo of one of the mall tenants with a part of the prize seen from beneath the box cover. Only a small part of J could be seen. The competitors have to guess first what is hidden in the box and post their comment below the picture. The smartest and quickest gets the prize! Given that the contest takes place at different times and various frequency, the group participants visit it often and find out all the brand news. Since the prize drawing is sponsored each time by different tenants, the visitors get acquainted with Pearl Plaza options.

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