Marvelous summer weekend

Integrated promotional event


As a part of the large-scale promotional campaign of opening Pearl Plaza shopping mall, attract additional members in the brand community in VK focusing on young families with children who live in vicinity of the mall.


It was planned to open the mall end of August 2013, and the promotional campaign was carried out during the whole summer to announce the event. And where do the families with children gather in summer? Where else but in park! All the more so, as splendid Southern Seacoast Park is situated within easy reach of Pearl Plaza.  It was the place where the promotional event Marvelous Weekend consisting of digital-, btl snd ambient-communications took place: the promoters wearing the brand garments in colours of Pearl Plaza treated the passers-by, those who registered as members of the shopping mall group in VK or willing to do it right there, with ice-cream in branded cups, and invited them to the magnificent opening ceremony. There was a face painter creating arts specially for children.  Eventually, several weekends in August yielded thousands of new group subscribers and guests at the opening ceremony.

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