SMM for shopping mall PEARL PLAZA



Goal - promotion of Pearl Plaza shopping mall in social networks. Main objective: enhancement of community pearlplaza.


We developed a strategy of presence in social networks and a separate concept of brand communication for each of them. We created community Trade and Great Centre Pearl Plaza in social network Pearl Plaza. To extend the information field in social networks we created: photo blog at Instagram and page at Facebook.

Content for the communities - branded exclusive content developed in line with the customer's goals by the agency.

During 2-month campaign, the VK group audience increased up to 5000 users.

The following Digital-BTL events were organized: contests "What's in the box?" - a quiz where the participants had to guess the content of the box displayed at the wall of the community.  The events provided for additional coverage of the audience, integration of activities with the tenants of the shopping mall and growth of daily group visits. "Catch a pattern" contest integrated with offline activity, where the participants had to find the Pearl Plaza branded elements (subway train wagon, stations, advertisement boards, ice-cream truck, etc.).
 "Family Look" contest, where the users posted the pictures of their families and applied for the prize of the most beautiful and modern lady. The winner award was integrated in the opening of the shopping mall: the finalists participated in the fashion runway, which had drawn additional public to the opening event.

Development of idea, mechanics, contest rules and their support and moderation were done by the efforts of our agency.

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